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Aida Kadic Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®  Practitioner for Children With Special Needs

"Movement is Life, without movement life is unthinkable"

                       Moshé Feldenkrais

THE 9 essentials

The Anat Baniel Method® for Children with special needs.

Anat Baniel Method Lessons For Children With Special Needs in Toronto

Instead of focusing on what the child cannot do Anat Baniel

Method focuses on what the child can do. If the brain is damaged the ability to make new connections is distorted. Through gentle Neuromovement lessons new connections are created and the brain upgrades. The neuropasticity makes it possible as the brain reorganizes and new neural connections are made. The brain changes and so does the child's ability to connect to them selves as well as the world around them. ABM facilitates for new learning and change to cognition, motor skills, emotional well being, language, communication etc.  Immediate changes can often be noted. 

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Recommended books, by Anat Baniel

Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Down Syndrome
Undiagnosed developmental delay
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Speech delay



Muscular Dystrophy

Genetic Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury

Back Pain
Joint Pain

What can Anat Baniel Method®. help with?

Anat Baniel Method for Children in Mississauga

 Movement with Attention
 Flexible Goals
 The Learning Switch
 Imagination and Dreams

Apply The 9 Essentials to your daily Life along with Neuromovement® lessons for remarkable results.


 Whether you've had an injury, have a disability or simply want to improve your movement, vitality, cognitive clarity and learn new tasks with ease the Anat Baniel Method® can help transform your life.

Anat Baniel Method is a holistic science based approach to teaching adults and children

of all abilities through NeuroMovement®. This unique approach of hands on work

Functional Synthesis (FS) and Transformational Movement Lessons (TML) + 

the 9 Essentials helps reorganize your brain through movement. 

 The method allows for the brain to wake up to possibilities and create change.   

The NeuroMovement® was evolved by Anat Baniel and is based on teachings

of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais.  The brain plasticity allows the brain to change very

quickly and learn through experiencing gentle movement.